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Is to help build your patient
base by consistently
providing ultra-high quality
restorations that seat with
little to no adjustment.

Effortless crown seats allow
you to see more patients in a
shorter period of time.  Most
importantly, those same
patients will leave happy and
be more likely to recommend
you to a friend, relative or

Our products are fabricated
on-site, in Michigan, using
only the finest American
made materials.  We stand
behind our work and we look
forward to the opportunity to
impress you.
Our Goal. . .
Innodent Laboratories
Innodent Laboratories
Done Once. Done Right.
Done Once. Done Right.
White Lake, Michigan
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Who consistently seats restorations in about 10 minutes?  Dr. M of Novi, Michigan
Phone: (248) 953-2926
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Both restorations pictured above were fabricated using Ivoclar's IPS E.max Pressable system and layered with porcelain.